Youth-Peer Education and Awareness Campaign to Reduce Extremism (Youth-PEACE)

Name of the organization: Chanan Development Association (CDA), Pakistan

Description of organization: A youth-led organization with the mission of improving the status of youth, particularly young women, by enabling them to equally and actively participate in planning, management, policy-making, decision-making and execution of their plans without any biases of gender, religion, ethnicity, age, language or class. The organization has approximately 500 members across the country.

Project Description: The project aimed to create a culture of equality, acceptability, and tolerance among youth, by training 100 youth peer educators as young peace-builders. These objectives were met through the following initiatives:

  • 22 one-day exposure visits to religious/cultural places of all of the five provinces of Pakistan for 2800 young people.
  • 5 provincial four-day young peace-builder training workshops and 5 exchange visits for selected young people.
  • A National Youth-PEACE festival that engaged 550 young peer educators. Among the participants of the festival were civil society activists, political leaders, religious scholars from 6 different religions living in Pakistan, as well as TV celebrities, singers, musicians and theatre performers. The event was covered in the media including the international newspapers and TV channels. It is possible to read about it here: Express TribuneThe News InternationalPeace Direct InternationalDaily TimesInsight on Conflict InternationalUN International Year of Youth Event, and SAMAA TV.

Results: Project implemented

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