Entrepreneurs for Social Change


The Euro-Med area continues to recover from the effects of the most severe economic crisis since the Second World War. Across the region, a lack of opportunities for employment is contributing to unprecedented levels of migration. For those that remain in their countries of origin, the dividends of economic activity are not widely felt, as opportunities for upward mobility are few and far in between. In many instances, this is leading to increased tensions across different communities, and in some instances, it is contributing to a milieu in which radicalization and violent extremism can more easily take root.

The typical responses to this situation tend to address intercultural and interreligious issues as separate from economic issues; in reality, they are closely tied. This interconnectedness is even more apparent in marginalized communities.

The Project

In order to comprehensively tackle the aforementioned issues, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations organizes every year a 7-day training in partnership with Fondazione CRT and the Italian Government. The training brings together 20 young people from the Euro-Mediterranean region to enhance the skills needed to boost a business idea with a social mission, and be a powerful motor of economic development and social inclusion.

In addition to this training, the selected 20 young adults receive feedback from peers, mentoring from experienced social entrepreneurs and are matched with potential investors during the 9 months following the training.

The last edition of the training took place at Fondazione CRT premises in Torino (Italy) from 16 to 22 October 2014.

If you are a young adult between the age of 18 and 35 years old and you come from the Euro-Med region, if you either already have a social enterprise and need to learn how to leverage it or you have already taken steps to start a social enterprise and want to learn how to move its business, this is an outstanding opportunity for you.

There is no participation fee, and all participants will be provided with round-trip international tickets to the training location as well as accommodations, meals and visa support.

Application submissions are currently closed.

To have a look at the application process of the last edition please download the Application Form and the Application Guidelines.

If you want to know more about the program, take a look at our information material on the meaning of social entrepreneurship, the profiles of the participants to the 2013 edition, highlights from the previous edition, or links to get know how changemakers around the world use social entrepreneurship to advance social inclusion and tackle unemployment and marginalization.

Watch the introductory video of Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT and Matthew Hodes, Director of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

For any question please do not hesitate to ask to E4SC@unaocyouth.org or follow us on facebook!

Looking forward to see the new generation of Entrepreneurs for Social Change growing!